About Us

Delta Misr pharma and its sister companies are a distinguished group of companies promising to work in the Egyptian and foreign markets. The company aims to provide innovative and high quality products to the Egyptian and international markets, especially the Arab and African markets for exporting their products. The Egyptian market offers high quality products of feed additives and veterinary preparations. It also offers overseas market high quality products of cosmetics, veterinary preparations and feed additives.And soon the company will produce medical supplies and consumables

Wide Delta

Wide Delta Company exports its own products as well as the products of the leading Egyptian companies in all categories that can be exported in line with the state policy and exploit the opportunities available to the company both locally and internationally. Despite the shortness of life of the company, it has achieved its goal for the first year and achieved an appropriate growth rate from the second year to provide the highest level of service

DAH Pharma

DAH Pharma also offers high quality products for the Egyptian and Arab markets

Corporate Strategy


To become a leading company in the provision of advanced services and relationships based on trust with customers, especially promising and emerging countries and our partners from the Egyptian producers


To build long lasting relationships with customers and agents and to provide exceptional services to customers by continuing to provide the best products, innovation and advanced technology in all products provided by the company Delta itself or mediated with the best Egyptian companies


To offer quality products and services that exceeds the expectations of customers and customers

Core Values

We believe in building our relationships with our customers and customers on trust and respect we grow through innovation, invention, creativity and the best product. We believe in integrating the honesty, integrity and high ethics of industrial and commercial business in all aspects of our business performance


The regional expansion in the field of cosmetics, medicines, feed additives, medical supplies and other export opportunities for the products of Egypt and build a strong base of key customers
Increase the assets and investments of the company to support and develop products and services build a good reputation in all areas

Work Area

Delta Misr Pharma produces cosmetics, feed additives and some Egyptian products. The company is looking forward to the external market, especially the African and Arab markets